Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Blogger buzz(ing)

After some months of fiddling with a new version of Blogger, the Blogger folks say that it's out of beta and ready to use. They also say that it's time to shift all blogs to the new Blogger.


It's not happening here. Not that I don't want to shift to the new Blogger. After having panned it as inadequate for our needs, I am now eager to make the shift. For one thing, the new Blogger works better for email subscriptions. For another, it turns out that I like the categorization option. (I have secretly been playing with the new Blogger for, well, fun.)

So. I've backed up the template. I'm all ready to rework the sidebar. I'm eager to add some new subscribers. But it's not happening.

So. I'm linking to the article where the Blogger folks say it's gonna happen, so they can see (a) the link and (b) that I want to shift the blog! Sooner rather than later, guys.


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